THE Anti Suicide and self harm group!

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i dont knoowww what to put here!!!!!1!!!!1!!!... THIS IS THE... oops caps are on... This is the Anti... just read the name im tired lol

Basicly... we will help you if you are stuck in the S.H.I.T's

What i dont want to see here is discussions on how you attemped these events. All it does is give the group the wrong atmosphere and ideas on how to attempt it n so on... This is supposed to be a happy place XD

thats why i will give you a free pie if you join XD

PIE!!!... *coughs* ehm...

FECKIN APPLE PIE!!!! XD *drools*

I want people to feel in good atmosphere here... i want it positive and a fun group. The ONLY time i want to see something to do with self harm and death is when someone new is here and they say something like... "i cut... i need help... or i tried... i need help..." etc...

so yeah... just be cool :)
THE Anti Suicide and self harm group! group forum
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