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the Anti_Signiture_Sisterhood was established by Frederick Douglas in 1864 after his famous "suck my cock ill kill your family" speech. allthough there are currently no girls in this group (we will gladly accept any who want to join) it is called the Anti Sigiture Sisterhood simply because the acronym made by that is much more unique than that of anti signiture brotherhood,

this group is for people sick of the annoying ass "pWnZ0r567, you are god and i love you and will perform oral sex on you if i see you in the streets" comments that people put into their signitures to make themselves seem superior to others in the forum, may the gods strike them down where they stand!!!! we as a legion stand for all things creative, original, and not totally fucking lame like this Phenomenon that has been sweeping UG like a plague of mindlessness and stupidity.

as you cant see we have many members! because they are all invisible!!! and your puny unsophisticated eyes cannot see them, yet.

get as many people to join this group as humanly possible so we can get down to our first order of business and remember: we are legion!!! and you are not alone!!!
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