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Tired of *not* seeing your posts in the comment's section? Especially when you had no intention of flaming, & contributed to the discussion in a productive manner?

Ultimate-Guitar has some very over-emotional mods, bent on the good intentioned mission of preventing flame wars, while ironically starting meta-flame wars about whether or not you or someone else was starting one.

They should grow up & let bygones be bygones, and be far more lenient than they are now.

Of course, having corporate masters and/or owners to answer to might interfere with that, but seriously, they host guitar pro tabs.

Why do they censor our posts when they should censor their own hosting of those files (at least by *literal* law).

Hypocrisy. Oh wells. Join here for some venting & non-flaming protest.

Maybe they'll listen to their readers for once instead of banning reviews below a 2, and comments that use profanity (self-censored or not).
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