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Welcome, Bluenolians! You are now in the realm of Battle Bots. This group is yours and yours only. You can use it to chat with other team members, discuss possible tactics, help make decisions, help design your robot; anything you wish! (As long as it's within the rules :L ...)

First off, to get into the team spirit, you need to come up with a team name.
Next, you need to elect a team captain. The captain makes the final decision on what to do next. They are the one that posts the moves and decisions in the thread where they will be incorporated into the game. A good captain should listen to his team and inform them of his final decision before posting it in the thread.
After that you can get creative and make a team logo, but this is optional.
Next, once you get your money you can start deciding which parts to buy. Then you get to design you're robot! Graphics whizzes, this is where you get to shine, but the parts you use in the picture must at least vaguely resemble their appearance as shown in the basic paint pictures I made. You're also free to add extra decorative parts and pieces, but these will have no effect on your stats. If no one has any graphics skills, don't worry. You can just assemble the provided pictures of the parts in Paint (major alliteration there)
After that, you're ready to fight!
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