Beastmaster Summons You!

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RANKS(Note: BL, SBM and BA are roughly equivalent ranks):

BK = Beast King (This would be me.)
BL = Beast Lord (Council Member)
SBM = Sir Beastmaster (Honorary Knight)
BA = Beastmaster Assassin (Self-explanatory)
AdB = Advanced Beastmaster. Generally, one that can masquerade as a Beast as a spy.
BM = Beastmaster. Civilian. Welcome to our world.
EB = Evolved Beast.
B = Beast. Go figure.

POSITIONS (Currently in random order):

SBM Sinisa - Head General.

SBM Guitarnoobie - Lord Knight. - Dogs.

BL M0ly - Council Senator - Dogs/Humans.

BL Whalepudding - Council Senator - Lizards.

BA JvL - Lord General of Dutch Property - His Sister.

BL rabidguitarist - Tree Herder - Trees.

BL PeffinGee - Lord of the Flies - Insects.

AdB tallicafan888 - Morpher - Small mammals, eg ferrets, badgers.

BA Kryst13 - Artillery General - Inanimate objects, eg rocks and sticks.

BA Alecmag - Primate Lord - Monkeys.

AdB amisuary - Council Guard - Hamster herder.

AdB floppypick - Marine General - Marine life. Duh.

BA Scarletti - Shadow Movement Advisor - The whole bloody Cat family.

BM The Scarecrow - Master of Destruction - Supernatural Beings (Demons, Dragons, Wraiths etc)

BM The Poopeater - Merchant of sorts - Nothing much.

will0mon - Subjugater of Wrath - All thing ferocious and untamed (Fanged puppies of the West, earthworms etc)
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