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Buckethead's real name is Brian Carroll. Only one photograph of him unmasked is known. He is thought to stand about 6'6" and nearly 7' with his signature bucket.

Buckethead's official biography claims that he was raised by chickens in a coop (appropriately, several song titles, especially on early releases, refer to chicken, such as the song "Chicken" or the album titles "KFC Skin Piles" and "Enter the Chicken"). The more realistic biography states that he was a fan of horror movies. He then bought a Michael Myers mask, which he wears to this very day. He got the bucket idea from late night eating KFC. He went into the bathroom, put on the mask and bucket and said, "That's Buckethead. That's Buckethead right there".

The multi-talented Buckethead is known for his on-stage robotic dancing, pop and lock break dance skills and rapid demonstrations with nunchaku, sometimes while continuing to play the guitar.
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