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This is for the greatest pokemon of all time, Charizard. Here is a simple background of this majestic beauty.


Unlike its pre-evolution cousins, it has powerful wings that can allow it to fly at blinding speeds, although the faster it flies, the more strain is put on the Pokémon, and it must rest for a good while after doing so. It is also more vulnerable to attacks the more outspread its wings are, so its newfound flying ability should be treated with as much care as a flying Pokémon. It has a considerably higher defense than its cousins, though as noted before caution should be used about its wings, which have little defense. Its physical strength now matches the strength of its fire attacks, and it can withstand mid-high altitude pressure, allowing it to fly above mountains, and can even withstand the high pressure and extreme heat of volcanoes. Charizard is a very dragon-like Pokémon. It has, like its previous forms, a long tail with a fire burning at the tip. The front of its two wings is blue, while the back is orange like the most of its body. Although hardly visible, Charizard's iris is light blue in color. Its belly is cream- colored.

Special abilities

Because of the wings it has grown upon evolution, Charizard is now able to fly and can use many other Flying-type abilities. As its pre-evolutions could, it can use Fire-type moves. It also has access to Dragon-type moves, such as Dragon Claw and DragonBreath.


Generally, a Charizard will be competitive. It loves to battle and spend a great amount of time training or looking for opponents. Its competitive spirit is also noteworthy, since it will never spit flames at a weaker foe unless provoked or commanded. When it gets very angered, the flames on its tail become a blueish-white color. It spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders. It is known to have unintentionally caused massive forest fires with its tail-flame. The more experienced a Charizard, the more intense its tail flame and breath are.


Charizard is mercifully rare in the wild; however, there is a valley somewhere in Johto wherein many Charizard reside. Charizard also inhabit craggy mountains and active volcanoes.
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