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Founded: August 26, 2008

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Welcome to the Church Of NoradZ. We are community that worships the ba-I mean good deeds that NoradZ has done to the UG community over the year NoradZ has been in it. First I belive we should go over the guide lines to be in this group:

1. This shall only be refered to as a religon. Not a cult.

2. You must be friends with NoradZ to be in this group.

3. You must be a part of The NoradZ Group to be in this group.

4. You must bow down to NoradZ to become a Noraden (or refered on this site: a moderator).

5. There shall be no emo hating whatsoever or else you shall be banned from this group.

That is it. NoradZ is your leader, Crazymike100 is your prechar, and Wastman666 is your chanter.

Good luck and good bye.
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