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Coleslaw is so fucking badass. Just look at the way that fuckin cabbage is shredded dawg, thats some crazy shit right there. Slaw aint to be taken lightly, its up in yo grill savoury food yall that screams out "LOOK AT ME I'M SO FUCKIN COOL" and you just know you want some slaw.

Coleslaw was probably consumed, in its earliest form, in the times of the ancient Romans. Since then, it has been adopted in many countries, including (but not limited to) United Kingdom, the USA, Germany, Belgium, and Spain. However, the mayonnaise variety of coleslaw could not have arisen until the 18th century as mayonnaise was not yet invented. The term, "cole slaw", arose in the 18th century as a partial translation from the Dutch term "koolsla", a shortening of "koolsalade", which means "cabbage salad". It was commonly called cold slaw in England until the 1860s when "cole" (meaning cabbage) was revived. "Cole" originates from the Latin, colis, meaning "cabbage", and is the origin of the Dutch word as well. In addition to calling it "coleslaw," U.S. Southerners also refer to it as "slaw."
Interesting eh?
We here love Coleslaw, and we urge you to join us. So make a bowl, or eat ready made stuff, all is well, and praise be the slaw!
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