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Discuss dadrock/neodadrock, how you got into it, what you're digging right now, and whatever else.

Since my interest and love in dadrock blossomed once I got into guitar, like many other young adolescent/pre-adolescent white culture males, my favorite dadrock artists have always understandably been more guitar focused. So I spent the vast majority of my early to mid teen years listening to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and eventually branching out into more progressive dadrock such as King Crimson and Rush (and a hint of progressive metal too). And from there, I discovered jazz fusion and South Asian classical and everything changed...But that's another story completely.

I just remember so many evenings trying to perfect the guitar parts from Comfortably Numb, Since I've Been Loving You, Echoes, and my favorite Pink Floyd song of all time...Marooned [ A6Ag]. Oh man, how I wish I had an Ebow.

I'm making this thread because of all this recent talk about dadrock on the forums [well, not really...], along with listening to and loving this Pink Floyd meets hip hop album inspired me to go replace my entire discographies of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin with new high quality rips from various private torrent trackers. I guess dadrock is my comfort food in a way even though I make fun of those who listen to just solely it *shrug*

What amazes me is that while it took me over two years of searching and patiently downloading on a 56k modem via Soulseek to get the entire Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd discographies (with everything being in questionable quality) will probably take me less than an hour or two on private torrent trackers (and everything will be in awesome quality). :)

Strangely enough, I think by the time I could have gotten into neodadrock acts like Wilco, Muse [yes Steve, you heard me right], and countless others often mentioned on these forums, I was way too deep into other things. I have a feeling I'm missing out, but I've never really meshed with what I've heard and/or never really gave it a proper chance. So come all ye dadrock and neodadrock lovers, I can feel something special happening.
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