David Collins, please come back!

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Many of us have been the beneficiary of excellent advice from David Collins.

A true professional, David never let his own ego enter into things. He was supportive of others and helped just for the sake of improving the knowledge of others.

Recently an incident in EG was so distasteful that it cause David to delete all his posts and stop posting on UG.

We MUST not leave it this way. Perhaps we can convince David to return. This is not certain. But at the very least, we can show our support and make the attempt.

All you need to do is join this group. Once we have enough members, I'll have a staff member send him an email and link to the group.

Also, if you want to send him a friend request, that might be a nice touch.

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/user/add_to_fri ends.php?profileid=868745

Note: This is not a band-wagon.
If you didn't see David's postings when he was active, please don't join.
This should mean something, to all involved.
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