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List of novels:

The Colour of Magic (Rincewind)

The Light Fantastic (Rincewind)

Equal Rites (Granny Weatherwax)

Mort (Mort/Death)

Sourcery (Rincewind)

Wyrd Sisters (The Witches)


Guards! Guards! (Vimes/The Watch)

Eric (Rincewind)

Moving Picures

Reaperman (Death)

Witches Abroad (The Witches)

Small Gods

Lords and Ladies (The Witches)

Men At Arms (Vimes/The Watch)

Soul Music (Death/Susan)

Interesting Times (Rincewind/The Last Horde)

Maskerade (The Witches)

Feet of Clay (Vimes/The Watch)

Hogfather (Death/Susan)

Jingo (Vimes/The Watch)

The Last Continent (Rincewind)

Carpe Jugulum (The Witches)

The Fifth Elephant (Vimes/The Watch)

The Truth

The Thief of Time (Susan/Death)

The Last Hero (Rincewind/The Silver Horde)

Night Watch (Vimes/The Watch)

Monstrous Regiment (Vimes for a bit)

Going Postal (Moist Lipwig/Vetinari/The Watch)

Thud! (Vimes/The Watch)

Making Money (Moist Lipwig/Vetinari/The Watch)

All the books (not including the kids' ones) and the character(s) they're about.
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