The League Of Extraordinary Djentlemen

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Djent - A guitar tone that is of high upper-mids (among many other parts of the EQ, this is the part that is the most common for achieving a djent tone, as lots of others are used, upper mids are present almost always) to project the metallic "Djent" sound rather than a chug chug or dun dun from heavy palm muting, also happens with open strings played hard to ring out with snap and attack, and no muddy characteristics Whatsoever.
For the members of this group to talk and help others looking to acquire a Djent sound and to commence about various artists and bands that use this technique and have just that awesome, cutting edge in their guitar lines ie. Meshuggah, Periphery (Bulb), and many others over the great interwebz.
Invite only for this group as to not allow non-djenters in, as for one to join this group must use a djent tone, or have shown it with their videos/clips.
Hint* having 7-strings or ERG's helps ;)
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