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Please View the Mission Statement -thread- for details on who we are.

UPDATED: 05 April 2008

The original intent of this group has drifted a bit during the first 6 months, but many good things have been accomplished.

There has been much less "pwnage" of the newbies within that forum. I believe that has been a direct result of the outstanding example set by many of you in your replies to the newbies, in addition to the policies set by the Forum Mods.

The warm welcoming attitude has spread to many UG members who aren't even aware of this group.

There is really little need for Group Mods. As a function, a group Mod has the ability to edit/delete comments, posts, and threads. I've been using promotions to Group Mod as a way to acknowledge those members who have contributed greatly out in the Newbie Forum.

I've just added Annie (aig91) as a Group Mod for her many lovely contributions. In the next few days, I will be adding more. :)

Nick (nightraven) was the 100th member to join, and the number continues to grow. Some of the Group members really haven't been very active in the Newbie Forum, but that's okay. As long as their hearts are in the right place when then do post there, it's all good.

When this group was first formed, I wanted it to be more of a grass-roots approach. I believe that worked well. But now I think we could benefit from knowing the best strategies to use, when replying on wrongly placed threads, etc. I'll be asking them to contribute input through comments or threads here, or through PMs to me.

They only define the line between what's acceptable and what it not. We can strive to a greater level of helpfulness and behaviour. That, and a strategic approach in our replies will help the Newbie Forum run more smoothly, and set an example for the Newbies when they post in the regular Forums.

Think positive. Think forward. Shape the future of UG into what you want it to be, by inspiring these people, today.
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