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This group has been created as a petition for the creation of a sub-forum dedicated to drums. Even though drums are under-appreciated by fellow UG guitarist, drums are an important instrument which gives a song "vibe" or even "funk". If a drum forum was added to the UG forums it would make UG not just a "guitar-site" but it would make it an instrument site. By adding a drumming sub-forum it will increase the traffic to the UG website meaning more $$$ for the web page.Also, one things that would also be nice to point out, since the implementation of "profiles" there is a tab called "Bands". In the band profile it gives you the option to tell the reader who is in the band, also what instrument they play AND a link to there profile. The question is "How can we link to a drummer to their profile if a drummer has nothing to do on UG if UG is strictly a guitar web site?" that's just one reason why we need to encourage drummers to the site.

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