The Designated Writers of CYOA: Dee Pitt Trilogy

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Teen Edition: p?t=855294

Fugitive Edition: p?t=970972

How to become a DW:

1. Type out an audition for CYOA: The Dee Pitt Adventures
2. PM that audition to one of the group MODS/ADMIN; be sure to let them know if you are a DW for any other CYOA.
3. Wait to be accepted/denied
3a. You should be getting a group invite
3d. You should be given a few pointers and encouraged to try again. If you are told you suck, or something to that affect, forward the PM to AmericaBlanco.

How to become a DW (Version 2.0):

1. Post your audition in the appropriate thread above (we are currently in Fugitive Edition)
2. First be sure to state that it is an audition; this is important!
3. State that you would like the readers to critique your writing AND if you are a DW for any other CYOA.
4. A MOD/ADMIN will still be determining your approval, but he/she/it should consider what the readers have said about your audition.

How to become a DW (Version 3.0):

1. Read this thread.
2. If we like you we will send an invite (this means you may now write for Dee Pitt Edition).
3. Don't complain.


1. I wrote an audition and I was wondering: how do I PM?
Go to the UG homepage and on the top right hand corner click on "My Profile." Now, under the "User Menu" click on "My Messages." Now click on "Send Message." The rest should be straight-forward.

2. Okay, so I was accepted as a DW. Where do I accept the group invite?
Go to the UG homepage. Click on "My Profile" on the top right hand corner. Under "Community Updates" near the center of the screen there is a list:

"Friend requests
Accepted friend requests
New private messages
Friends' blogs
Mp3 subscriptions
Group invitations"

Click on "Group invitations."

3. Why are some DWs MODS? How can I become one?
The DWs that are MODS are writers who have shown their talent as a writer since the time that this group was created and have continued to write. Exceptions are graybass_20x6 for the always epic writing and guitarhero_764 for creating the story.
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