Zapatista Army of National Liberation

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People talk every day about equality.

Yet, why is one of the greatest social injustices being carried out in front of our eyes in Mexico and not one government is taking the slightest step to interfere? The Mexican government is far too weak to govern even their own country.

This is Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, the unofficial UG branch of the EZLN. The EZLN is a revolutionary anti-capitalism group that stands in peaceful opposition to the corrupt Mexican goverment. The EZLN (and we) hope to overthrow the Mexican government and reinstate a new political system. They also strive for equal rights and women's rights. While many governments and many people are quick to label the EZLN as a terrorist organization, they fail to see that the EZLN has never taken hostile or violent action, and is in fact fighting to defeat social equality and ensure all citizens are not denied their natural human rights.

You advocate equality yet you do nothing about it. Take the first step, join this group and make your voice heard.

Read about the EZLN on Wikipedia:
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