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Carl_Berg (2)
Sunday, September 05, 2010


A Universal Condemnation Of Anthropocentrism

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Universal Condemnation Of Anthropocentrism.
In the eyes of many man is highest evolved being and thus the highest in the feeding chain in our ever shrinking universe.Ever shrinking because we have now realized that we do not stand on a flat piece of stone and water but on a spinning sphere which it self spins around a star and that star spins along with the galaxy which spins in its cluster which spins in a super cluster which spins in a group of super cluster in one possible visible universe.Our comprehension of reality is based on the illusion that all the greatest events in the complete history of mankind and Earth are the center of all existence.We fail to realize that all of those events,whether personal or historic,aeon defining or  cataclysmic are infinitely dwarfed by the unimaginable and titanic,omnidirectional  growth of the universe by 0.000000000000001
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