Frodus Conglomerate International

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Founded: August 23, 2008

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Who is Frodus? Who was Frodus?

A concept. A meme. A secret-society. A punk band. A group of individuals striving to create something new and expressing disdain for the world as it was heading into a fast information obsessed corporate carcrash in the 90s. Questioning the fabric of society, the meaning of life and ultimately recording a musical therapy session as their final album "And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea" with no shows, no big bang, no haircuts, no posturing. Just music.

You. Us. You are Frodus. We are Frodus™. We are everyone. We are no one. Where we have failed, YOU™ WILL SUCCEED. You vs You or You vs. Them? Success in Paranoia. 9991, 1-9-9-9, 4888. Babel. CMD. FCAI in 2038.
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