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It's like the hugging thread, but in group form!
The same rules apply, so be nice.
And remember, this place if for SERIOUS advice only.

Don't forget the love! It's what makes this place so friendly, nice, and refreshing.
Here, you won't get all that sarcasm and smart*** remarks that you normally get outside of the group (and thread).
The people here are nice. You'll love it.

Here's the list of people you should really listen to.
Be sure to listen to these guys.

RevaM1ssP1ss, Xunluckyx13, SomebodySomeone, The_Clansman, Coryklok,
mustangrobert13 , Fuzzbox91, boreamor, yellowfrizbee, guitar0player, TheMidasTouch
ZeGuitarist, Minkaro, ctb, severed, Jetfuel495, esther_mouse, uk.mace, opc100, MushroomBomb, Oscar666, JacobTheMe, sglover34479, badpun, Blackwaterson89, ShelbyLynn, §ArmyOfAngels§

If you feel that you deserve to be on this list, let me know and I'll consider you.

Now get hugging!

And get the word out!

This group needs to be a lot more active. Let's start getting the word out, and spreading the love.
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