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Welcome to the sanctuary. To your left, through this doorway, you will notice that there are rows upon rows of shelves, containing various drug paraphernalia, which can then be taken through the doorway to your right, to the place of worship. Proceed to send up praise and thanks to SLEESTAK_BRO as you blaze your brains out. Followers of Sleestology are required to face Charlotte, North Carolina five times a day, take out their favourite hooka, bowl, bubbler, etc., etc., and hold it high above their heads, letting out a fierce stoner-cry and then say "Amen." Failure to comply with this small repayment to SLEESTAK_BRO will result in (but not limited to) the following: ur weedz goin to SLEESTAK, SLEESTAK comin ovr an rapin ya til yu cant handl no moar, excommunication, SLEESTAK takn all ur moneyz and brakin all ur peecez, and death.
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