people that think that school would totally suck without friends there, just learning stuff without anyone to sit in the back of the room and pass notes to and giggle and talk and laugh with, it really would be lamer than it is now. PLEASE JOIN!!!!

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this group is for all those people out there that think that there friends are great because they do sooooo much, stuff like:
sit in the back of the room and pass notes, giggle,talk,and laugh at alot of stuff that doesn't even make sense or just because they want to laugh with you (or maybe thier laughing at you)-(jkjkjk) ya so really the only reson i made this group is because i was bored and i really am one of those cool people that sit in the back of the room and just laugh until you get in so much trouble with your friend its not even funny(but actualy it is REALLLLLLLLLY REALLLLLLLLLY funny).

PPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA ASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE join me as one of those people that site in the back of the room and laugh tell they can't even breath!!!!!!!!
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