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Well this is UG's own Gotham City. And I... am The Joker. Aaaahahaha. Wana join? Go ahead! Whatever, you do. Just don't... plan it! Aaaahaha.

Oblivion_Rps (That's me!!): The Joker. Hahaha.
LesPaulLeader08: Ugh... The Batman!? "Hahaha and they call ME The Joker!"
RhyseOrtiz: Poison Ivy.
alex-led-zepp91: The Riddler.
RATM forever: Commissioner Gordon.
Keine_Lust: Scarecrow.
guitarnoobie: Mr. Freeze.
ShadowOnTheWall: Two-face. "hahahahaaa! Nice choice!"
CFH82: Alfred.
biga29: Rachel.
Blitzraptor007: The Penguin.
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