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About The Guitar Nerds

Hi Visitor... Or Member, I'm Sean, other wise known as Sink-The-Pink, the fact of the matter is, i haven't been on in a while (around 4 years) with the exception of getting the odd tab here and there, i won't be on for another month or so until my exams et cetera are out of the way and I have a break for a couple of months until my A levels start. So in a month or so I will be re-vamping the group, joining it will be a lot easier, there will be more going on, more updates ,more fun crap to spend time on. so if you're interested in being a part of a small warm and fun community when it happens stick a comment down the bottom there saying you're interested and I'll try give you a prod around the end of June.

Sean D=

cool new members (latest 3): jdwarguitar, vinc3nt, rhampster,

If you wish to join guitar nerds please send me - sink-the-pink, a personal message asking to join. You will then be sent a short questionnaire in a reply message for you to complete. Further intructions are explained in the questionnaire I will get back to you as soon as I can, which is likely to be on that very same day, if not within two days for sure. Please check the lastet news section below incase I'm away on holiday (which is usually only once a year for a week to ten days max usually) in which case the latest news section will tell you who to contact if you wish to join.

Latest News

revamped marshall mg series

article 12: revamped marshall mg series

after a long awaited revamp marshall have well intruely raised the standard of their solid state mg series.
i went into a shop a week or so ago with the intention of trying out a washburn idol, and very quickly became more interested in the 15watt mg i was using
the mg features 4 channels, a green and red channel within the clean and od modes, it also includes some basic effects, reverb and a built in tuner. marshall have also brought out a foot switch to go with the mg series so you can recall all your previously used setting much more easily.
the new mg is also very affordable, the 100watt head can be ourchased for around 270, for marshall sound and quality, thats not half bad if you ask me.

article 11: New Ideas Thread In Forum

Hi There Fellow Nerds,
I was looking around the group today when it suddenly dawned on me that a lot of the things on here are rather old, so I have started up a new two new forum threads, the first of which is for members to post new ideas for the group, perhaps on ways the group could be improved or what you like about it already. The other similar is to something like "the pit" in ultimate guitars main forum, where members can chat to each other, make new friends, discuss gear and just generally have a laugh. I have a few ideas myself for improvements or extra things I could set up to try and make the guitar nerds a better group. The two threads will be labelled in the forum as follows: Ideas For Guitar Nerds and General Talk.


Latest Competition: design the guitar nerds logo

in this section you can find out about all the latest competitions going on in guitar nerds there is also a forum thread containg all the competitions you can also post your own competitions in the thread however any inappropriate posts will be removed an the person responsible penalized.

please note none of the prizes can be physical objects as that would be breaking the rules of ultimate guitar

the latest competition

Well as the guitar nerds have been around for a fair amount of time now, i figured that we need a logo for the group. I've been throwing countless attempts at a logo in the recycling for days now, so i though why now have a competition to design one. Im not going to say much more I'l leave the rest to your imagination, you can do it however you like you can draw it, animate it, any way you like! if you do design it on the computer it must have a pixel size of 1500x1000px and a maximum file size of 300kb, (if you find this whole pixel business a bit confusing don't worry, just send me Sink-The-Pink a private message and i'l help you with it). Again please nothing inappropriate as the logo will not be entered and the person responsible, penalized. If you wish to enter just send your entry via a private message to me, "Sink-The-Pink" with any other important details about your entry ect. or if your if you've drawn you logo and computer is broken ect or you dont have a scanner i may think about possibly letting people post me an entry. The deadline for this competition is the 1st of January 2009 any querys just send me Sink-The-Pink a private message and i'l reply as soon as possible.

Oh and try to take into account the name of the group when designing your logo "Guitar Nerds".

Good luck!

Oh and that's Shelly.

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