Gunpowder's High Union of War

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Many days ago, there came a thought - no more than a seed at first. But this seed soon grew - little by little, the roots of Skullbolt's War Council ( l/) spread, its branches grew long and wide, until the Rebellion became an indomitable force: a shining light in the abyss of hopelessness. But this light, so full of vigor as it was, was also delicate; only a small act, a small slip, was all that was needed to extinguish it.

The departure of our hallowed leader served as that slip. The Council disintegrated, abandoned, under no united front. The Council had fallen from reality to legend.

But now, rising from the ashes of that legend like an infant phoenix, a new flame is born: The Flame of War, dear friends, rising anew under the direction of Gunpowder.

So come! Eat, drink, and be glad, and do your part attaining this vision, for there is change on the horizon!
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