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Mr.Witty wrote on Apr 30th, 2009 11:35pm

Awesome books.
If anybody is looking for them, I may or may not know where they could or couldn't be found. :p


Whiskky wrote on Aug 5th, 2008 5:13pm

The fact that there is a group for this amazing trilogy just makes me even more proud of UG


Fear2Touch wrote on Mar 6th, 2008 12:06pm

its not that
they plan to continue that ending to the start of the second film


linkinwayne wrote on Feb 2nd, 2008 6:34am

The movie was really bad. I hated the ending. That might possible be because they cut out the real ending and made it seem like a Narnia bedtime story.


Fear2Touch wrote on Dec 20th, 2007 3:35pm

the movie was ok great effects but it didnt follow the book too well...cud have been better. currently reading third book its great so far


Rocking-Rob wrote on Dec 5th, 2007 8:27pm

movie out today :)


ECwomantoneman wrote on Nov 12th, 2007 6:22pm

I read these books a couple of years ago and I still remember how great an adventure it was reading them


Count Seanula wrote on Sep 15th, 2007 12:55am

As if they chanfed Iofur to Ragnar...well I don't mind that much seeing as I used to collece a 40k space woves army and I do loe Ragnar Blackmane. I can't wait for the film though.


frusciante_man1 wrote on Sep 14th, 2007 4:55pm

yeah sure there you go


Harmonius wrote on Sep 13th, 2007 11:36pm

Can I request a picture change to this:

http://www.jrin.com/fifthessence/desktop/hdm800.jp g

You can edit out the e-mail part at the bottom


Harmonius wrote on Sep 13th, 2007 11:01pm

Hi guys. If any of you guys remember the website, www.citagazze-cityofmagpies.com - yeah, I was the Webmaster.


Rocking-Rob wrote on Sep 12th, 2007 8:57pm

he sure did :P and he saved frodo and sam

anyway back to his dark materials, recon they'll make the others movies


Gunpowder wrote on Sep 12th, 2007 2:12am

How could the Lord of the Rings movies leave out Tom Bombadil? He had some wicked tight rhymes.

To be honest, I'm kind of nervous about the movie...let's hope it does justice to the novel.


Dirge Humani wrote on Sep 11th, 2007 2:55am

I know, the whole dark forest and barrows being omitted was really annoying


Rocking-Rob wrote on Sep 10th, 2007 8:28pm

replace *harry potter* with *lord of the rings* :P I prefered those book to film conversion even though they missed out tom bombadil (sp?)


M.B.MetalTabber wrote on Sep 10th, 2007 7:40pm

I hope it's as good as the Harry Potter's were, coz many book to film enhancements are usually bad...they have even changed the name to The Golden Compass...that is a few too many name changes, but if the film is done well then I won't mind


frusciante_man1 wrote on Sep 10th, 2007 5:42pm

Yeah they changed it from Iofur to Ragnar Sturlusson to "avoid confusion between him and Iorek". Pfft. Any fan who doesn't know their bear kings apart isn't a fan! :P


Rocking-Rob wrote on Sep 10th, 2007 4:56pm

what!? how dare they change his name!

ahh well its still going to be the best winter film I can't wait :D


frusciante_man1 wrote on Sep 10th, 2007 4:48pm

I'm SO looking forward to the movie.. its one of the first movies that im actually really excited about.

The special effects look amazing... especially Iorek. Theyve changed a few things (like Iofur's name!)


Rocking-Rob wrote on Sep 9th, 2007 10:21pm

thanks for the add :D

so whos looking forward to the movie comming out and how good do you expect it to be?


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