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i mad this group a while back. i have changed my opinion on most music. i still agree that metal is one of the best genres of musci out ther, but i now know that i cant be so close minded. i have heard lots of rap music. i agree that some songs with incessant annoying choruses getting overplayed can be very untalented and dumb. but if you listen enough there is rap that takes talent. it is a different style but lets be honest harder to write good rap lyrics then it is to writea grindcore song. i realize there is no musicianship involved but still. this group is still for the great music style of metal buti am now opening it to the opinions about rap, ska, blues, country, anything that tickles your fancy and sounds good.
i realize this will get some hard-headed metalheads mad but i am just stating a simple opinion. thank you for your time in reading this.

SLAYER deserves all your respect

Hell Yeah!!1 new playlist, i got some new tunes up. along with some old ones. but keep sendin me ur playlists. all u gotta do is send the link to th playlist nd ill do th rest. alrite. as always keep it metal

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