Gene Simmons is a dick and I hate him.

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(It should be noted that Gene Simmons is not the only culprit but he's the most prominent one and I don't like Kiss.)

Filesharing is key to music. Not the Music Industry, that vile factory spewing out countless bland artists playing the same things for the purpose of money alone, but [i]music[/i]. The vast majority of my favourite bands I have found thanks to filesharing. I have since endevoured to purchase the discography. Of course Gene Simmons will not stand for this, he believes that this is immoral and the government should take my house and car away because, unlike him, I am not wealthy enough to buy all this music THEN make a decision on whether I like it or not. After all, the Industry makes sure that the bands I like do not get airtime on "respectable" radio stations. Metallica, the most famous metal band that still makes music, made there big break from what was essentially file sharing, they shared tapes of each other's bands for free and made their money from playing live.

In his latest idiotic rant, Gene Simmons likened file sharing to allowing a cute fox to steal a chicken, saying that it will just bring its friends along. What Gene is forgetting is that the foxes need to eat too and whichever person was going to eat those chickens probably isn't about to starve.

And always remember: KISS sucks.
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