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Ikuinen Kaamos started as a simple black metal band. But after their first breakup and subsequent reformation, an entirely different entity has stepped in place. What can be heard on the bands first album, "The Forlorn" is nothing short of musical ecstacy. An ever mournful and lamenting atmosphere, created intricately through melancholic acoustic passages, melodic and searing distorted passages, and of course the backing orchestration that adds so much color and life (of the abysmal nature, of course.)

The album continues along in a fashion that mixes a myriad of musical genres, pulling from straight black metal, progressive, doom, death metal, symphonic, and hints of dark folk. It all comes together to form an album that will captivate the listener completely, suffocating him and engulfing him in an atmosphere of the most sorrowful kind.

The bands new release, "Epilogue" is expected to be out shortly. Three breathtaking tracks are up on their myspace, and they see IK reaching out into even more progressive/doom territory, while never restraining themselves. Featuring a new vocalist who can go from the deepest growls, to the highest screams, to the most soothing of cleans, the songs feature much more variation, much more orchestration, and an overall more unique sound. Look for Epilogue to be the album to beat in 2008.

2009 UPDATE:

See thread below.

2010 UPDATE:

"Fall Of Icons" to be released March 5th courtesy of Maddening Media Records! See thread below for albums details.

New Links:

Maddening Media Records

MA Page

IK Official Site

Ikuinen Kaamos Myspace

Review of The Forlorn
The Forlorn Fans of Ikuinen Kaamos group forum
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