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Wikipedia describes Insomnia as:
Insomnia is a symptom[1] of any of several sleep disorders, characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep despite the opportunity. Insomnia is a symptom, not a stand-alone diagnosis or a disease. By definition, insomnia is "difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, or both" and it may be due to inadequate quality or quantity of sleep. It is typically followed by functional impairment while awake. Both organic and non-organic insomnia without other cause constitute a sleep disorder, primary insomnia
However, I think it is they way all of the smart people get more hours out of the day.

Seinfeld's take on Insomnia: rs

"When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep... and you're never really awake. With insomnia, nothing's real. Everything's far away, everything's a copy of a copy of a copy."  Fight club ftw

"Ineed you tonight cause I'm not sleeping"
Now go ahead and start the madness!

PS: Al Pacino rules
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