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Into Eternity is a progressive metal band from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Fusing elements from across the spectrum of metal, including classic or melodic metal styling, thrashing riffs, power metal and clean vocals, high and low-pitched harsh vocals drawn from death and black metal, and fast tempoed death metal drumming with blast beats, Into Eternity provides a sound that is professionally executed yet rather difficult to describe.

This vid is super GAY!!!...but the song is awesome and i couldn't make this group w/o this song on the prof.
"Buried In Oblivion"

yet another great song by em.....and at least this video is not gay:D
"Surrounded By Night"

"Severe Emotional Distress"

"Timeless Winter"

"Suspention Of Disbelief" Guitar Lesson With Tim Roth

"Eternal" Guitar Lesson With Tim Roth And Collin Craig

"Timeless Winter" Guitar Lesson With Tim Roth

Amazing vocals
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