Downloading music for free is like stealing a CD from a shelf

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IF YOU THINK THE GROUP NAME SHOULD BE CHANGED: Too bad, I don't care if you think it's terrible. Don't go around saying that downloading is like making a copy where shoplifting is like stealing the original. A CD is a copy too (believe it or not), a licensed copy. The only difference between stealing from a shelf and downloading is maybe the 40 cents it costs to manufacture the disc and artwork.

REGARDING THE PICTURE: Get a sense of humour

Ok, so now that we have that out of the way...

PEOPLE WHO WORK HARD TO MAKE AN ALBUM (NOT cheap demos but a real album)->

Musicians: It takes hard work to become a good musician, a lot of money for good gear and even more hard work to write music.

Studio Engineers: They spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn all about the physics of sound so they know the exact way to set up microphones to get pro quality recordings.

Producers: Also spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn how to master recordings. On top of that, they're the ones who work with a band to help them sound better or better combine their ideas.

Record Labels: Hey, somebody's gotta pay the engineers and producers and studios. And then promote it and help the band get heard. Especially for new bands that have no money to spare and little fans.

EXCEPTIONS (in my opinion anyway) ->

You bought a CD and lost it: What you're really paying for is the recording, so you already paid for it.

You want to know what a musician sounds like before buying their music: Usually the radio or Myspace can help you there, but if not then go ahead and give a few songs a listen and buy if you like.

Educational: If you have a school project about why The Jonas Brothers are overrated then don't waste your money on a CD of theirs that you will never listen to again.

The musician gives it away for free: No explanation needed.

You're broke: Kind of a semi-exception, as long as you intend to buy it in the future then we're not gonna hate you.

If you have more suggestions for exceptions then post away.


The evil record label gets all the money: Stealing from a thief is still stealing. Don't complain, you're paying a modest price for something you will enjoy the rest of your life. It was the label who paid for everything and helped the band get off it's feet, right?

Only tools pay for something that you can get for free: You can use the same logic and say that only tools work for money when you can just pickpocket.

If you want to support a band then buy their merch and go to their shows: Labels take just as much of their share out of that as they do their share out of album sales. Also, don't albums also count as merch?
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