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UG is one of the biggest forums in the world, it has more than a million members from many diverse parts of the world, so there is a lot of reasons why this is an appealing place to go. It has the potential to be THE best forum in the fucking world. however the regime ruling this place is flawed at best. the mods have a Orwellian police state set up where some are allowed to run around like rampant assholes where others are banned for doing next to nothing, the rules are the rules, but they dont mean anything because the definition of "spamming" and "flaming" are determined by the mods, who of course have their own personal biases, so it is never clear enough what is against the rules. The Mods, who work behind everyones backs, silently getting rid of people they dont like, for making threads they dont like, demand an endless amount of praise, asskissing, and cocklicking, and that they recieve from masses who want to gain their own slice of UG fame. Popularity means everything here, and that is gained by being as unoriginal as possible and kissing more asses than the guy next to you. Originality is heavily frowned upon as many newcomers will learn as they earn their first ban for "spamming" or talking back to a mod. soon they will be transformed into a compliment sigging, 4 year old meme spouting, mindless sheep. It is quite clear, things need to change. what can we do, quite simple, first off:

JOIN THIS GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and invite as many people as you possibly can, we need to unite, we need to let people know that we are fed up and we have numbers!

but first: a soundtrack to this group

if you are banned you are still VERY useful to us, you can access the forum of the banned which will be our prime recruiting source. if you find someone who seems slightly discontent with the mods or the rules...etc. send them an invitation! we need them!!!!
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mod injustices, post them here. 9:07pm : Oct 1st, 2009
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