International Zombie Development & Research Organization

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Founded: April 30, 2011

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The International Zombie Development and Research Organization (IZDRO) is currently a UG based organization centered on research and study in the progress of zombie development and knowledge. The group serves as a means to learn more about zombies and the numerous fields affected by a zombie outbreak. Some of those fields of study include:

- Biology
- Chemistry
- Nano-technology
- Military
- Foreign Aid
- Neurology
- Psychology
- Weaponry
- History

Experts or students in any of those fields or similar would be much appreciated in joining this organization. This group IS NOT A JOKE! Zombies are not a real threat in the current world, but numerous methods can achieve zombies or zombie-like individuals through future technology and biology. This is a precautionary organization made to specialize in the field of Zombology. Remember, knowledge is POWER.
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