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What's KCDSD? Keep The CDs - Stop Downloading (KCDSD) is a group for people who don't wanna live without the speciel feeling of work and creativity that's in the air of a record store!

For people who wants to keep the feeling of holding a little box that holds a work of art within, and not just download it and keep it in a iTunes library, and never see it in a fysical shape!

For people who wants to enjoy themself with the little folder in every cd, with comments, pictures and statements!

But the record business is slowly turning useless because of the major download-trend, soon the process of mixing, printing, and releasing an album can't earn itself back!

But we want our CD's!
We wanna keep the Cds!
So we don't download!

EDIT: Copy/paste the group link into your signature in order to help us all gain world domination!

  • 01/11/09, KCDSD is officially still alive!
    Spread the word people!
    Someone has to! Join up!

  • 04/03/08, KCDSD is meeting every imagineable kind of respect and positivity. Besides peoples comments, a new investigatement shows that 54% of the people who visit this site also choose to join the group!

  • 03/26/08, We're growing! We are now 6 members of the KCDSD-group, and that gives up an joining-procent on 100% compared to last year. The road is still long but at least it has become shorter. Spread the word; join KCDSD!

  • 03/20/08, The first members has joined KCDSD, and they have both recived mod-rank as the next 3 members will

  • 03/19/08, KCDSD was founded!
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