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Founded: May 23, 2008

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The Killer Elite Metal Organisation formed in response to the poser-ish antics of Internal Chaos and Magero who formed their own '(prefix)Core Allegiance' - a group where faggots, dykes and other core fans can congregate and be gay together while listening to Trivium. It is also in response to the Kovenant of Terror, also known as Legion, another organisation based around homo-eroticism. Since our formation, destroy techno, otherwise known as 'The Anti-Elitism Elitist' has arisen from the depths of dickshittery to contribute to the faggotry that opposes us.

The Killer Elite Metal Organisation is composed of the most elitist metalheads ever to terrorize the UG Metal forum, a supremely evil crew of goat-raping, head-banging lunatics who hate everything that is Core. Join us if you are as metal as us, which you probably aren't.

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Reccomend bands that are teh br00talz 8:12pm : Mar 9th, 2009
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