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In the group "if no one views or joins within a month i will shoot my hands with a 12 guage"

Wastman666 said:
hahah unlucky m8 it's been a month

rockerboy7345 said:
hahaha unlucky wastman has to make out with his mommy

Wastman666 said:

has eny1 told u how much of a cunt u are..... and how ugaly u are in ur pics...? dude u sed u will shoot urself... do it and make the world a better place

rockerboy7345 said:
dude oh my god! look at your comments and to answer that one comment your not exactly hot either pal you look like seabiscut with that big ass fuckin nose

Wastman666 said:
haha i never sed i was hot..... i just said i'm better looking than you lol

JuLiE_fEe said
LMAO are you guys in a beauty contest??
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