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Founded: January 24, 2008

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Everyone support our group by adding this banner onto your UG Profile...
Or Look into the "Group Banner" thread for more different ones.

"The League Of Guitarists" are using their talent for World Domination. JOIN THE FORCE

Spread the word by putting a link to this page in you sig , or profile.MODS ARE CHOSEN FOR NOW
If you have your own group with a fair few members which will help join in what where doing, simply leave a comment with a link to your page.. we will leave your group under "Groups Dominating with Us" in return put a link to our page on your group site...Note your group must have atleast 100 people in it to put up.

Basically the aim of this group is for anyone that plays guitar ( and some bass players) to do their bit in music by playing what ever genre they play best. Each person has different skills and capabilities, likes and dislikes and this group is ment to join us together and have respect for what each of us can do. Dominate the world with what we do best. Playing Guitar.

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