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As we all know it Ludwig Van Beethoven is one of the greatest composers ever!He was born at the year of 1770 and he died at the year 1827 ( He was 57 years old when he died) His huge influence for music cant be forgotten. He ended the era of classical music and started the era of the romantic music. Probably Beethovens most notable , work must be his Piano sonatas(Pathétique,Moonlight, Appasionata and Hammerklavier) Symphonyes(Eroica ((aka 3rd symphony)) The Fifth symphony, The pastoral symphony, Seventh symphony and of course the legendary ninth symphony) and his intense string quartets( Grosse fuge).
Even tough after becoming stone deaf he continued to compose, giving up wasent simply option for Beethoven. Beethoven tryed to find love but he failed. So he adopted his nephew Karl Van Beethoven. Beethoven wanted Karl to become an piano virtuoso, but Karl wanted to join to the army. Beethoven accepted Karls choice after Karl shot himself to the head. Only after two days of Beethovens death all his hair was cut as souvenirs. Even today after 184 years of his death his music is hugely admired studyed and played worldwide all the time.
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