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Marskell: started at 5:01am
Sep 24th, 2008

4 2008-10-06 23:31:32
by Phill-Rock

Ban Virgins?
RIP Back in Red: started at 6:50am
Jul 5th, 2008

19 2008-07-31 23:45:45
by BringMeTheCalm

Grim Bizkit
destroy_techno: started at 12:03am
Jul 3rd, 2008

29 2008-07-24 04:13:00
by BringMeTheCalm

The band that the 00s will be remembered for
MHDrunk: started at 12:41pm
Jun 13th, 2008

5 2008-06-14 15:47:19
by destroy_techno

So what do you guys think would make a good logo?
BringMeTheCalm: started at 1:15am
Jun 3rd, 2008

15 2008-06-08 21:56:17
by I,Voyager

How to use this group
Phill-Rock: started at 11:54pm
Jun 2nd, 2008

3 2008-06-03 00:57:31
by BringMeTheCalm