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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Metallica concert boycott

Recently metallica had a concert boycott in israel, the concert goers moaned and belly ached about tickets being to high to pay for, well my friends if they considered themselves metallica fans they are wrong fans enjoy the band they repersent not complian about the prices.
Metallica lowered the prices which shows that tallica isnt bout the money but about the music like they said.
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Monday, February 08, 2010


James' close call

The lead singer of metallica, james had a close brush with death back in 1991 on tour he was playing fade to black and was confused on were he should be and a 3200 degree magnesium flame shot out burning his arms face and lower half of his body. By all accounts he should be dead but lucky for us he survived and underwent extreme physical therapy to regain use of his arms and in under one week of being burned he was back on stage singing but not playing guitar his roady handled the guitar parts for james. That is true metal passio james could have gave up but he kept going and now he is back singing and shredding up the fret board. Kudos to james:headbang:
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