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I am a guy who has recently learned how to play the guitar and I am still learning. But unlike some people who start playing guitar and think that they are better than greats such as Hendrix and Angus Young, I am an honesty person who doesn't hype themself for personal glory. I enjoy bands such as, AC/DC, Zeppelin, System of a Down, the Who. I like these bands because they have paved the way for guitarists like us and ultimately shaped the music that we know today (except rap which sucks)! If you enjoy the classics and respect the legends who came before you, like Angus Young, Randy Rhoads, Slash, and Jimmy Paige, join this group, however if you enjoy listening to rap, get the hell out of here.

By the way if any of you want to be a moderator all you need to do is ask and odds are I'll make you one.

Now Here's a Bitchin Song by AC/DC, Hell's Bells
Metal Maniacs/Rock Enthusiasts group forum
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