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Metal is the most extreme genre of music alive today. It invloves heavy and distorted guitar with pounding drums n heavy bass. The vocals can range from Singing to screaming to growling. The lyrics vary depending on the artists views on life but are usually dark, or angry. If you are a metal fan you should definatley join this group and post your views on bands and songs or what ever else you feel like posting.
Metalsnewfoundapocolypse group forum
Metalsnewfoundapocolypse group forum have 3 threads total :
Why are people saying Black Sabbath isnt heavy met 12:58am : Nov 21st, 2007
top 3 origional heavy metal bands(not in order) 3:46pm : Nov 10th, 2007
Top 10 reasons why rap sucks 6:40pm : Oct 7th, 2007
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