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MI Audio is an Australian owned boutique manufacturer of high end guitar effects pedals and valve amplification. At our Sydney workshop, we design and hand build all our pedals and amplifiers for our customers around the world. The mission at MI Audio is to manufacture high end high quality musical equipment and to make this equipment accessible and affordable to all musicians.


MI Audio was founded in 2002 by me, Michael Ibrahim. It came as the culmination of 15 years interest in music and electronics. However, the real impetus for the founding of the company was the creation of the Tube Zone Overdrive, which I first started building in 1995. I built these devices both for myself and friends, and soon found that there was a serious demand for them. So in 2002, I took the plunge and started doing this for real slowly adding new pedals like the Neo and GI Fuzz to the range.

In December 2005, I moved from my workshop at home into a purpose built industrial premises to focus on an ever expanding pedal range and a growing demand for MI Audio pedals. With a team of assemblers and administrative staff working for me I was able to give more attention to R&D, building and testing new pedals as well as continuing the ongoing work on valve amplifier developments.

Within a year and a half of moving in the industrial premises the phenomenal growth and demand for MI Audio meant we needed to move again.

In August 2006 we moved into our current facility, which was 4 times larger than the previous location. At the current MI Audio location we have divided the facility with electronics assembly and prototyping room at one end and a machining, woodwork, painting and tolexing room at the other end of the facility. In the centre splitting the two you will find research and administrative offices along with testing room and warehousing.

The Future

As of 2008 MI Audios current focus is the continuing expansion of the pedal range and to launch our first valve amplifier the Revelation onto the global market. The first half of 2008 has seen a phenomenal response to the amp in Australia and New Zealand. In the second half of 2008 our attention will shift to the rest of the world as the amp is readied for the international market.

At MI Audio we have set ourselves the challenge this year of pushing boundaries and challenging preconceptions particularly in relation to innovation and engineering capabilities behind our products. With 3 additional valve amplifiers already prototyped and modulation pedals nearing completion we look forward to what we will offer over the next 24 months.

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The MI Audio line-up:

Crunch Box - high gain british disto in a box.
Tubezone Overdrive - their signature OD, and also their first pedal.
Blues Pro Overdrive - a simple controls, low/med gain classic OD.
Blue Boy Deluxe - a highly tweakable low/med gain OD.
Boost N Buff - 35dB of volume boost, very high impedance buffer, clean booster, and treble booster.
GI Fuzz - tweakable (8 controls) heavy silicon fuzz.
Neo Fuzz - tweakable (8 controls) vintage germanium fuzz.
Pollyanna Octave - one octave up, and two octaves down.
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