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Listing more classical composers then metal bands as influences, Vladimir Cochet has been rightfully branded the Mozart of Metal due to his genius compositions and his solitary work ethic. Every song recorded for any of his projects are done completely alone, from the comfort of his own bedroom. Playing guitar, bass, synthesizer, keyboards, vocals, and drum programming, Vladimir is one man with an undying passion for the music he creates. Writing, recording, and performing songs for more than 3 solo projects, his music ranges from the deepest roots of romantic and baroque to the most ferocious aspects of extreme and emotional metal.

Taken from Sputnik.com:

The capacity of human intelligence seems to limit the capabilities to expand upon any possible creative aptitudes. Indeed, if one cannot even notice the facets that the ingenuities around him are comprised of, how can he be expected to fashion a beast of his own? This inveterate sense of constraint is a great blow to the veracity of mankind’s abilities. It restrains us and holds our minds to the ground below, averting any possibility of rising above ourselves to something greater; something not fathomed by the conventional mind. This concept of seeking to go beyond one’s self, known as “transcendence”, is essentially a gateway to unlocking pieces of ourselves that can lead to some of the most elaborate and significant creations of our world. For many, this quest to transcend and form creations that were once considered unthinkable and overwhelming consumes life. Certainly it is rare to find such people, but when they are found, creative barriers are destroyed.

I have only come across two albums in my lifetime that embody this ambition in full.

The name Vladimir Cochet probably means nothing to most people reading this, even the most seasoned metal fans. It’s a shame, really, that such an artist could go almost entirely unknown, even after making some of the most forward thinking classical-influenced extreme metal ever. One could easily refer to Cochet as a musical prodigy. He plays all guitar, bass, and keyboards himself, as well as forming the drums and performing all vocals while recording and mastering all of his music in his own home. Still, the intimate atmosphere only seems to enhance his abilities. Vladimir has an insatiable will to create. Mirrorthrone, while only one of his many musical projects, is easily the most accomplished. Many parallels can be drawn between Cochet and Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth. As is the case with both musicians, the emotions poured within their music and the ability used to execute them are unmatched by any extreme metal musician.

There are songs to listen to on his myspace pages (Mirrorthrone, Unholy Matrimony) and songs to download on the homepages (Weeping Birth, Deafening Loneliness, Accurst Journey.

Mirrorthrone (Symphonic/Black/Classical/Progressive)

Unholy Matrimony (Symphonic Black)

Accurst Journey (Ambient Doom)

Weeping Birth (Brutal/Technical/Progressive Death)

Deafening Loneliness (Dark/Electronic/Ambient)

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