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Steve Morse is a great player whose style is a fusion of rock, bluegrass, jazz, and classical.

He is one of the Bachs or Beethovens of our time and is very unrecognized, somewhat unknown (at least on this forum), and underrated musicians of this era, period.

He played in the Dixie Dregs in the late 70s to late 80s, which was a jazz fusion group that also featured bass virtuoso Dave LaRue (later) and Andy West (earlier) on bass guitar, Rod Morgenstein on drums, and various keyboardists, with T. Lavitz being one of them.

He later released a group effort with Dave LaRue on bass under the name Steve Morse Band in 1988, "The Introduction". It featured some country-esque and classical tinged tunes as well as some trademark fusion.

Later in 1990, he released his first solo album, High Tension Wires, which is a great album containing many acoustic tunes that are full of emotion, but also has the "Bach-n-Roll" shred song Tumeni Notes.

His career also included a brief stint in Kansas in the 90s, and is the current guitarist for Deep Purple, for which he has released 4 albums with, as well as various other Steve Morse Band, Steve Morse solo albums, Triumph, and other CDs that he played on which he did not take credit for (Liza Minelli features him on an album, for example).

Well, this group is for those who appreciate this unappreciated and underrated guitarist, and as well for people who have just heard of him, but like his music as well.

He can be listened to here:
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