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By joining this group you are on the road to songwriting genius, maybe.

It all depends on you. Be active in the weekly challenges and improve or just laugh your ass off at our recordings (while we get better until we eventually dominate the world, possibly).

Here's the deal:

One week to make either:
- One song, at least 2 minutes long, needs a melody and rhythm.
- Five pieces: Riffs, simple melodies, simple beats. (Example: You can make 2 riffs and 3 melodies, or 1 riff 2 melodies 2 beats, etc...). These can be any length you want.

YOU DON'T NEED TO EDIT STUFF, you can leave it as raw as a hooker's ass on a full moon (songwriting itself should be the focus, though editing and all that stuff is fair game).

Then you leave a comment here with a link to your song/pieces. There will be a public thread on "The Pit" every week with those links and everyone can vote. (the name for each week's voting thread can be chosen by the weekly mod, if he/she wants to, they can post the name on this group's comment section)

After 6 weeks of original songs, we have a COVERS WEEK (pick a song and cover it, but try making it "your own". Still just a week to do this), then we have a "FREE WEEK" (during this week you can submit anything you've been working on, or old stuff you've never had the motivation to finish, without the one-week constraint.)
Then, those songs transform into a pickle and tadaa!!!! An album is born!

-------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
DEADLINE : Every Monday at around 1AM GMT, thread with your links posted every Monday at around 1/2AM GMT. Votes counted at the wee ours of Thursday. Hehe, "wee".

If you can't post a link until 1AM GMT Monday just leave a comment here confirming you'll still participate. If you send it after the thread is posted you'll still get your song there if you want, but it won't be available for voting.

------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

You get to be a mod here. Such coolness. Check the page's own forum threads for more info.

But even better than that, you get to see your song on the compilation album!
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