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There were good times. There were shit times. There once was a group where you could do whatever you wanted without consequences.

There were the times when Godsmack311 and Umpalumpaman were flameing eachother.
There were the times Umpalumpaman and Guitarhead were flameing eachother.
There were the times Umpalumpaman and dio_dude were flameing eachother.
There was the time Umpalumpaman left because he couldn't take the flameing.

Then the song Low by Flo Ria and T Pain kept coming up.
Then there was the time when it was mainly dio_dude and Godsmack311 having back and fourth conversation.
Then there was the time Godsmack311 got permabanned from the forums so he had nothing but Whatever.
Then there was the time Godsmack311 decided to take advantage of the "Do Whatever" concept and began posting racism, and pro-school shooting messages everywhere.

Ah, those were some good times. But then, it was all over. How did this happen?

Well, there were a shit load of meme's. Such as the previously mentioned "Low". Also, ololololol became popular. In fact, an entire thread kept getting edited so that every post read "ololololol". Every thread was off topic. Just meme's everywhere. Plus, Godsmack311's racism and school shooting posts began to infiltrate the group.

Then one day, every thread in the group was deleted. All of the regulars in the group were mods and one of them stabbed the back's of those who loved him. It is still a mystery and the case is still open on the person who did it. Page/Rhoads de-modded everyone so that an even like this will never happen again.

After this happend, nobody trused anyone anymore. Everybody became eachother's enemy. The Whateverens tried to rebuild their group that once was, but it was never the same.

Then, Godsmack311 wanted to return to the forums so he created the multi account NuEmoMetalPunk (which eventually got permabanned). Many people in the group didn't like this multi. They all considered it a bad alter ego.

NuEmoMetalPunk then began getting in arguments. Arguments with dio_dude and Page/Rhoads. These were the type of arguments that nobody in the group had seen sience the days when Umpalumpaman was around.

Mods were gone for a while, so Page/Rhoads brought them back. Plenty of posts were being edited. Mainly those made by Godsmack311/NuEmoMetalPunk. He disliked this very much.

Then a new member came along. He went bu the name Drome371. When he first joined, he seemed very cool.

About 2 days after Drome371 joined, NuEmoMetalPunk decided to leave. Mainly due to all the editing, and arguments with dio_dude and Page/Rhoads. His leaving was praised by many members at the time it happend.

Then, Drome371 began to commit foolish n00beries all the time. He also began to suckup to everyone. Mainly responing to everyones posts with "lol yea. *suckup*". And he also began flameing and talking about Godsmack311/NuEmoMetalPunk as if he was in the group sience the begining.

Then a new member came along. His name was Mr. Banana Dude. He didn't post in the group much. He raided the group by posting the same thread about 30 times a day. This thread had the title "Drome371 is a fag" and featured Drome371's defualt picture and a laughing emoticon. This caused an uproar in the group. It causd the admin Page/Rhoads to change the "About This Group" for whatever. It now said that they needed to follow the rules of the site.

Many had suspected thet Mr. Banana Dude was another multi of Godsmack311's. Although he wasn't. Due to the suspicion, many began to support Godsmack311 in (what they though was) his cause to pwn Drome371. He then returned to the group as NuEmoMetalPunk.

Drome371 was now being heavily flamed by everyone. There was even a thread that asked for people to vote for weither they wanted Drome371 banned or not. Although the voted were in favor of banning him, it never took effect.

Despite being constantly flamed, Drome371 nver left the group. The group was heavily dragged down by all the drome flameing. And NuEmoMetalPunk and Page/Rhoads' arguments began to come back. The group has never left this state and never will. It has become everything that it was against in the begining.

Any original will tell you that it's safe to say that Whatever is dead. Although, it was a good run. This group is to remember that epic run that it had.
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