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You were given a link to this group and aren't sure what to do?

Easy-as-pie, my friend.
You were given a crit, not expected to be returned DIRECTLY.
Look for the name of the thread that was mentioned.
You'll notice yours is last name indicated in that thread.

Take your time, no rush,
but within a week or so, give someone a crit.

Don't want to play? You don't have to.
but if you do, try to put something into it,
there's no expectation other than your honest opinion.
Something as simple as mentioning the part you liked best
and the part you liked least (and why) will be fine.

Pick any piece in the forum.
Preferably a piece that has gotten little attention.
Try to avoid user who is already named in the group thread.
That way it will spread out farther.

You won't ask for a crit in return.
Just leave a link to this group and the name of the thread.
Then post in the group thread and mention the user's name.
You're done, and the kindness will be passed on.

If anyone would like to start an additional thread, please PM me first.
I don't want to have too many of these happening all at the same time.

S&L Pay-it-Forward Critiques group forum
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