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UG Group for members of the PowerBored forums, the single most greatest, most buttsecks filled, most awesome place on the interblag - all under the supreme dictatorship of Scourge of UG himself. Most PBers are also UGers - but they're the cool ones.
Of course, anyone joining UGPB/PBug who isn't already a member of PB... well... you don't HAVE to join PB I suppose, however we will be very disappointed if you don't. Not angry... just disappointed.
As I'm not entirely sure whether posting the direct link to PB would be considered naughty, I won't do it as of yet.
However, if you wish to obtain a link, please don't hesitate to send a message to anyone in UGPB/PBug and they should be happy to provide one for you. Or just ask for one in the comments section.

As for current PB members: Of course, we want UGPB/PBug to become a good, active forum - the most awesome and amazing sub-UG forum. So, make sure if you start a new thread on PB, start it here, too! Or if you make a post on PB, start the thread you posted in in here as well, and put that same post in here!
And vice versa, of course.

Time to make this place toe most awesome sub-UG forum there is!


(Oh yes, and go here: http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/powerbored/forum/2886/
Put the icon into your UG signature! PBers Unite!)

If you don't have the link to the original PB, either ask for one or search for 'powerbored' on google! :)
PowerBored group forum
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